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In today's competitive environment change is constant and agility is imperative. Customers are looking at introducing new and unique ways of doing business and continually transforming the organization.


Custom Development Services

Custom Development Services with unparalleled experience in creating custom solutions quickly, flexibly, and safely creates high-quality, individualized solutions. Thus enabling customers to seize new market opportunities and dynamically respond to new business challenges.

Forem software delivers high-quality solutions customized to the customer's specific requirements such as extending and enhancing an existing solution or building an entirely new and innovative application.

Every business is defined by its own unique characteristics. Forem software realizes this and hence specializes in developing highly customized solutions which could be either custom development projects or product implementations.

Knowing the key challenges in the development lifecycle, Forem software continues to innovate on handling the most important issues – requirements management, product quality and cycle time. Forem software strives to positively impact the project success.

 Web development

Forem software  has been in the business of web development since we began in 2006. In this many years, we have developed countless websites, and improved, modified and worked on many more. As you would expect from an outsourcing web development company, our costs are much lower, while maintaining the same professionalism that you would expect from a local development company.

 Web designing

Forem software  has been in the business of web development since our beginning in 2006. We know the value of good web site design, cool graphics and creating a website that follows the trends. There is no point having a great design if it looks like it came from the 1990's! We pay a lot of attention to design and make sure our designers are constantly working to improve their knowledge and skill.

customizing open source software

Forem software  is highly specialized in customizing open source software. we have been providing customization solutions to our clients since we started the company back in 2006.

  • Joomla : Currently the leading open source CMS. Joomla is used by hundreds of thousands of websites around the internet. With great support, a true defined roadmap, hundreds of plugins, an active community, easy to use features, it's not hard to realize why Joomla has become number one. Forem software  can help you customize your Joomla installation with new plugins, templates and modifications.


  • Drupal :Very popular with computer people, Drupal is renowned for having lightweight code that is extremely flexible and modular - making it a programmer's dream to work with. Drupal has many social networking features built in to the core code and is used by large companies such as MTV. Forem software  can provide you with a full Drupal solution, from installation and setup through to customization to your exact requirements.

Maintenance and Support

Web applications and websites require maintenance and support as your needs change and grow. Forem software  provides cost-effective application support and website maintenance services freeing you from maintaining expensive in-house support staff

Web re-designed

Does your Web site need to be redesigned or enhanced? Does it have all the functionality you need to grow your business? What about the look of the site? Does it look "old" compared to your competitors' sites?

You might be losing a huge chunk of potential business because your site was not really designed properly and just hasn't kept up with your needs. Maybe it's not well-maintained, or has broken links, or just doesn't have the features customers expect.

Forem software  is here to help you. We are experts in redesigning Internet sites as well as developing new ones. We will create a solution for you that will not only look good and work well, but will also be optimized for search engines.