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e-Gram is Gram Panchayat Citizen Services automation Software with following features:

Basic Feature: Multi Lingual


  • Citizen Information Management
  • Citizen Property Information Management
  • Tax head management
  • Property Register
  • Demand Notice and Waiver Amount management
  • Bank Loan and Property Ownership change information management
  • Special Water Connection and Tax management
  • Gram Panchayat meeting decisions details management
  • Taxation and Finance
  • Demand Generation and collection (receipt)

  • Reports:

  • Utar
  • Demand Register
  • Property Register
  • Reciept
  • Gram Panchayat meeting reports
  • Quarry Management Software

    Quarry Management Software automates Quarry daily process by capturing the data and analyzing the data. Quarry management Software got the following features:


    • Vehicle management
    • Employee Management
    • Material Management
    • Daily Service by employee Management
    • Employee Attendance Management
    • Customer management
    • Machinery Expenses management
    • Vehicle Expense Management
    • Employee Advance management

    Back Office:

    Sales and Receipt


    • Stone breaker Payment
    • Hamal Payment
    • Daily Wages Payment
    • Daily Service vehicle report
    • Daily Service Vehicle report Cross Tabular format
    • Customer Ledger
    • Pending Bills
    • Drilling Payment
    • Machinery Maintenance expenses
    • Vehicle Maintenance expenses
    • Employee Advance report